Dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods are goods (articles or substances) which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or the environment when transported by air, sea, road or rall. A list of classified dangerous goods and restriction in transportation can be found in the IATA D.G.R (Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual) Dangerous Goods must be packed, marked and labelled according to the latest edition of the IATA DGR. We will carefully check the declaration and the package (s) for full conformity with the regulations before tendering to the airline.

Kind of dangerous goods

Explosion Material, Gas, Inflammable Liquld(Solid Material), Oxidization Material, Hydrogen Peroxide, Infectious substances, Corrosive Material, etc

For example

Ammunition, Fireworks, Butane Gas, Lighter, Fire Extingulsher, Tear bomb, Gasoline, Paints, Bond, Resin, Ink, Alcohol, Match, Sulfur, Mercuruy, Lead, Virus, Nuclear Materials, Radioactive materials, wet-cell Batteries, Hydrochioric acid, Strong magnet, Perfume undiluted solution, Car etc

Handling Procedure

1) Shipper's dangerous cargo Inquiry - Shipper will

     prepare for MSDS

2) Check whether it is dangerous goods or not

3) In case of dangerous goods, packaging / Marking/


4) Prepare for Shipper's declaration

5) Carry in airline